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Get To Know Cord Blood Banking

Interested to know the new innovation in the medical field, which is called “cord blood banking” much better? If yes, here in this place, we can provide you all the facts and information that you need to know about this...

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Cord Blood Banking News

4 Best Reasons Why You Need To Consider Cord Blood Banking

Nowadays, most parents who have newborn babies decide to store their babies’ cord blood in medical facilities and storage for some personal and health reasons. But aside from their reasons, there are so much other best reasons why every parent needs to consider cord blood banking. Continue reading this article so that you will be aware on what are these best reasons.

Here’s the list of the best reasons why cord blood banking must be considered by parents.

1. Cord Blood Banking Can Possibly Save Lives
By banking the cord blood of your newborn baby, you can have the chance to save the life of your child or even the lives of other family members if ever that it will be at risk. It is because cord blood cells are proven to be beneficial to a person’s life since that it helps in replacing and rebuilding blood cells that are damaged and diseased. To make the statement simpler, cord blood can effectively treat any serious diseases regarding blood that might develop to your loved ones. With this, it can definitely and possibly save the lives of your loved ones.

2. The Stored Cord Blood and stem cells Can Be a Treatment for About 80 Serious Diseases
As already stated above, cord blood cells are used as a treatment for some serious blood diseases like leukemia, myeloma, and lymphoma. But, did you know that it can also be used for so many other serious diseases which can range up to a total of 80 diseases. Also, these 80 serious diseases are consisted of widely known diseases while the others are uncommon and rare. These includes of cerebral palsy, pediatric stroke, autism, hemoglobinopathies, histiocytic disorders, myelodysplastic syndromes, brain injuries, and many more. You should also know that researchers are still looking for new usage of cord blood cells so the number of diseases it can treat will more likely to increase. With this, cord blood banking is the best way to overcome these serious diseases.

3. Cord Blood Guarantees for Regenerative Medicine
You must also know that cord blood cells, placental tissues and blood are essential sources of the stem cells. And these stem cells, it helps in the development of the study of what you called regenerative medicine that is about replacing body organs, restoring damaged cells and tissues, and also treating the serious and severe diseases. Therefore, cord blood banking is an investment for your baby’s health throughout his entire life. These stem cells can also serve as a treatment for diseases that may put your baby’s life at risk such as injuries regarding spinal cord, Parkinson disease, autoimmune disease, and stroke.

4. It Provides Access for Stem Cells from Cryopreservation
Since that cord blood cells are known sources of the stem cells; then by banking the cord blood cells, it can also provide you an access for stem cells. So, whenever that you and your family are in need of the stem cells, there is no need for you to worry where you will get it since that you have already prepare it by means of the cord blood banking. You have to know that stem cells are not commonly readily available in hospitals so it is hard for you to acquire it.

Now that you are here at the end of the article, you are now well – informed on the best reasons why you and other parents should consider cord blood banking. Yet, you can still look for other basis that you can use by asking the insights of other parents who already tried this new and modern invention in the field of medicines. Remember this is an alternative to embryo banking.